Bahrain Writers’ Circle to hold Literary and Visual Arts Exhibit

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Scan QR Code to see the brochure for the Bahrain Writers’ Circle 2-14 October 2021 Literary and Visual Arts Exhibit

The Bahrain Writers’ Circle (BWC) will hold its annual Literary and Visual Arts Exhibit at the Harbour Gate 2F Concourse on 02-14 October 2022. It is open to the public and admission is free. This year’s sponsor is Mr. Mohamed Ali Shukri who, according to the the BWC organizers, is a “professional Bahraini life speaker and corporate culture expert, and consultant.”

The 19 sets of entries are from the following poets and visual artists:

1.           Pallavi Jain (2 solo entries)

2.           Claudia Hardt w/ Layla Hussain

3.           Maria Haneef w/ Fatima Afnan

4.           Shalini Vaghjee (solo entry)

5.           Kaav Ranj w/ Kuki

6.           Saira Ranj (2 entries w/ Anita Menon & Jason)

7.           Darius w/ Saira Ranj

8.           Melissa Nazareth w/ Mohamed Taha

9.           Rohini w/ Sarah Clarke

10.         Parvinder Kaur (2 entries w/ Simrat Kaur & w/ Simrat Kaur & Amarjit Singh)

11.         Scott Saboy w/ Aren Salazar

12.         Madhavi Tiwari (2 entries w/ Sithara)

13.         Veda Varma (2 entries w/ Shikha)

14.         Victoria (solo entry)

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