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  • Poet (with visual artist Aren Salazar), Bahrain Writers’ Circle Literary and Visual Arts Exhibit: “Confluence 2021: Where Words and Images Meet,” 2-14 October 2021 (Harbour Gate Concourse 2F, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)
  • Technical Consultant, Encyclopedia of the Mt. Province, 01 September 2021- 31 August 2022 (Mountain Province Polytechnic State College)
  • Documentor/Compiler, Vanaw Language and Culture Documentation, 2016-present (Personal)
    • Orthography and Grammar
    • Vanaw-English Dictionary
    • Oral Tradition Audio-Visual Documentation (See samples on this website HERE and HERE)
  • Editor, Fidelisan Small-Scale Mining Book Project, 2017-present (Cordillera Studies Center, UP Baguio)
  • “Iba’t-ibang Kulay at Hugis ng Kalayaan” (Freedom in Myriad Colors): A Visual and Literary Arts Exhibit, 10-23 July 2021 (Harbour Gate, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain)
    • Role: Participant (Literary Arts – Poetry and Creative NonFiction)
    • Participating Organizations/Sponsors: Filipino Creatives Bahrain/Filipino Writers’ Circle/Embassy of the Philippines-Kingdom of Bahrain, Harbour Gate
  • Barcelon Panabang Vanaw Folktale Collection, 2018-2020 (University of Tokyo)
    • Project Leader/Supervisor/Compiler: Dr. Michiyo Yoneno-Reyes
    • Transcription and Translation: Dr. Lawrence Andrew Reid & Scott Magkachi Saboy
    • Folkloric corpus available @ the University of Tokyo online archive
  • CSC Workshop/Writeshop on Cordillera Studies, 21-23, 28-30 June 2017 (University of the Philippines Baguio)
    • Role: Trainer/Resource Person and Manuscript Editor
    • Participants: Teachers from University of the Philippines Baguio, Benguet State University, and Mountain Province Polytechnic College
  • CSC Workshop/Writeshop on Cordillera Studies, 7-9, 21-23 April 2017 (University of the Philippines Baguio)
    • Role: Trainer/Resource Person and Manuscript Editor
    • Participants: Teachers from Apayao State College, University of the Philippines Baguio, Mountain Province Polytechnic College, and Benguet State University
  • Revision of “Kalinga” entry in the Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, 2nd ed., 2014 (Cultural Center of the Philippines)


  • [Forthcoming] Saboy, Scott Magkachi. “Writing Ethnicity: Recollection, Return, Resistance.” In Markets of Resistance, ed. by Angel Velasco Shaw. (Publication details to follow)
  • Saboy, Scott Magkachi. 2017. “Ullalim/Sogsogna: Revisiting a Kalinga Music of Tradition.” In Saliksik-Kordilyera: Papers on Indigenous Practice, Ritual Life and Oral Tradition, ed. by Delfin L. Tolentino, Jr., pp.171-212.  Baguio City: University of the Philippines Baguio. https://www.upb.edu.ph/announcements-files/887-saliksik-kordilyera.
  • Saboy, Scott Magkachi. 2016. “Matatagu’n Anitu (Living Anito) as a Trope for Recontextualizing Tradition and Re/Presenting Indigeneity.” In CSSTRP 2: Consolidating Lessons and Charting Directions, ed. by Lorelei Crisologo-Mendoza, pp. 275-285. Baguio City: University of the Philippines Baguio.
  • Saboy, Scott Magkachi. 2014. “A Brown Man’s Burden: Critiquing an American Restorationist Discourse.” International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 229: 67-94.  https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/ijsl-2014-0018/html. Originally presented at the 3rd International Conference on Multicultural Discourses (09.26-30.10) in Hangzhou, China [SCOPUS; International Publication Award, 2014, University of the Philippines System] Download free copy of full paper HERE.
  • Saboy, Scott Magkachi. 2014. “The Ullalim Festival as a Peace-Building Strategy for a Multi-Ethnic Community.” The 4th Asian Conference on Social Studies Conference Proceedings, 715-229. https://papers.iafor.org/proceedings/conference-proceedings-acss2014/. Osaka, Japan
  • Saboy Scott Magkachi. 2012. “Voicing Ethnicity: Traditional Referentiality, the Ullalim, and Kalinga Ethnopop.” The Cordillera Review: Journal of Philippine Culture & Society, IV (2): 37-64. Available,https://csc3.upb.edu.ph/publications/the-cordillera-review/34-the-cordillera-review-volume-iv-number-2. Originally presented at the International Seminar-Workshop on Indigenous Studies (26-28.05.2013) in Mandaluyong City, Philippines.


  • Viyág (Life), Jáyaw (Honor), Sanikwá (Property): Vital Aspects of the Indigene’s Struggle for Self-Determination.” Presented at the AGI: Tripartite Synergy of the Academe, the Government and the Industry, LAWIG PH, Inc., 30 October 2021.
  • Community Protocols & FPIC: The Case of the Vanaw Language Documentation Project.” IPRA @ 24: Charting Developments in Philippine Indigenous People’s Rights. University of the Philippines Baguio, 27 October 2021.
  • Lagutaw’s Revolt: The Timeless Import of a Short-lived Resistance.” Presented at the Archaeological Studies Program (ASP) “Indigenous Responses to Colonial Incursions Online Conference.” University of the Philippines Diliman, 08.21-23.2021.
  • Kulligong: Kalinga Ethnopop Artists at the Interstices and Margins of Tradition.” Presented at the International Virtual Conference on Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices, Kalinga State University, 10.26-28.2020. [Best Paper, Social Issues Category]
  • Research and Indigenous Worldview: Reflections from a Kalinga Hearth.” Presented at The 24th Young Scholars’ Conference on Philippine Studies in Japan, Nagoya University, 08.24.2019; Indigenous People’s Day Lectures, University of the Philippines Baguio, 08.09.19
  • The Bodong as a Platform for Radical Indigenism.” Presented at the 10th Nakem International Conference, 05.21-23.14, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.
  • Market and Sanctuary: Awichon as Background Potentiality.1st Regional Conference on Cordillera Material Culture Studies, University of the Philippines Baguio, 05.30-31.2014.
  • Writing Ethnicity: Searching for an Igorot ‘Native Clearing.'” Presented at the Taboan: 2nd Philippine International Writers’ Festival, 02.10-12.10, Cebu City, Philippines.
  • Otto Scheerer’s On Baguio’s Past as a Postcolonial Text.” Presented at the Baguio Centennial Conference, 03.06-07.09, Baguio City, Philippines.


  • [Forthcoming] Yoneno-Reyes, Michiyo, Scott Magkachi Saboy, & Lawrence A. Reid, eds. 2022. Documenting Indigenous Tribal Memory: Folktales of the Vanaws, Northern Philippines. Tokyo: Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo. Folkloric corpus available online @ http://www.ioc.u-tokyo.ac.jp/~yoneno/database.html.
  • Editor. Filipino-Swiss authors’ suite of Creative NonFiction and Poetry (2021) to be published in an anthology of literary works of Europe-based Cordillerans, Travels, Travels, Triumphs of Igorots in Europe (publication details to follow).
  • Copy Editor. 2nd International Conference on Cordillera Studies (ICCS2) Book of Abstracts and Conference Program. 2017. Baguio City: Cordillera Studies Center, University of the Philippines Baguio.
  • Executive Editor (with Orville Thomas Valencia). Valencia, Edwin G., Gregorio F. Roxas & Darrell Joe Asuncion. 2014. Partnership and Corporation Accounting. Baguio City: Valencia Educational Supply.
  • Executive Editor. Alarcon, Ernie Roy S. 2008. Entrepreneurship Principles and Practices: A Modular Approach, 2nd ed. Baguio City: Valencia Educational Supply.
  • Executive Editor. Valencia, Edwin G. and Gregorio F. Roxas. 2001. Income Taxation: Principles and Laws with Accounting Applications. Baguio City: Valencia Educational Supply.
  • Executive Editor. Valencia, Edwin G. 2001. The Making of a CPA: Secrets on How to Pass the CPA Board Exam. Baguio City: Valencia Educational Supply.


  • Poems: “Palpaliwat” (Vanaw Kalinga), “Gapu Jit Mauwawan Jit Ugsa” (Vanaw Kalinga), “Sangachil” (Bontok). 2016. In UBOD (Literary Anthology), ed. by Macansantos, Francis & Priscilla Macansantos. Manila: National Center for Culture & the Arts.
  • Poem: “Karayan Berde” (Ilocano). 2015. In Dandaniw Ilokano: Mga Tulang Ilokano, 1621-2014, ed. & trans. by Junley L. Lazaga, 318-319. Manila: Aklat ng Bayan.
  • Poems: “Igorot (Kanu),” “In Vino Veritas,” “Saltan IV,” “Minak” (English). 2015. In Tributaries: Ubbog Journal 3, by Ubbog, pp. 32-34. Baguio City: Ubbog Cordillera Writers.
  • Poem: “Child of the Earth” (English); Creative Nonfiction: “Diana” (English). 2012. In Ani 37: Cleansing and Renewal, ed. by Herminio Beltran, Jr., 353-355. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines.
  • Creative NonFiction: “Tani Ato” and “Like a Sayote.” 2012. In Ani 36: Disaster and Survival, ed. by Herminio Beltran, Jr., 31-35. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines.
  • Poems: “Igorot II” and “Shifting the Center” (English). 2010. In Baguio Calligraphy, ed. by Francis C. Macansantos and Luchie B. Maranan, 23, 24. Manila: Anvil Publishing.
  • Creative NonFiction: “Requiem for a Pine ‘Tree’.” 2009. In The Baguio We Know, ed. by Grace Celeste T. Subido, 53-56. Manila: Anvil Publishing.
  • Poem: “Shenyang, Boast of This”; Creative NonFiction: “Abáng Tony.” 2009. In Ani 35: The Pinoy as Asian, ed. by Herminio Beltran, Jr., 182-184. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines.
  • Creative NonFiction: Speaking Out: “No Scalpel Vasectomy” (CNF), Baguio Midland Courier (18 May 2008), 08
  • Creative Nonfiction: Youngblood: Paniyaw.” Philippine Daily Inquirer (08 January 2000), A7


• Reviewer, double-blind peer review process of the 2021 online edition of The Cordillera Review.

Book Review: “Not Just a Historical Trivia” (CNF) Philippine Daily Inquirer (02 September 2009). Available: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/inquirerheadlines/regions/view/ 20090902-223116/ Notjust-a-source-of-historical-trivia.

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