Sample IMs/Vanaw Lexicon & Grammar

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  • Special thanks to Vanaw language experts Rhoda Tangbawan and Romulo Tangbawan for reviewing, correcting and adding to the materials below.
  • The following instructional materials are intended to be used primarily by teachers in the Vanaw communities for their MTB-MLE classes, and secondarily for the teaching of Vinanaw to children of Vanaw parents in the diaspora. Some of these are part of the Vanaw Grammar Guide which was initially used in the teaching of Vanaw at the University of the Philippines Baguio. The Grammar Guide is being prepared as a supplementary material to the Vanaw Community Dictionary which is still in the works. We shall add more materials as time permits.
  • The Vanaw Community Dictionary is now being encoded using WeSay and FLEX. Once completed, the first draft of the complete dictionary (with an orthographic guide and illustrative texts from sentences to songs) will be brought to the Vanaw community for validation, revision and approval by the Banao Bodong Tribal Association, Inc. (BBTAI).
  • For articles about some Vanaw culture bearers and sample recordings of their chants or stories, go to the CORDILLERAN CULTURES tab at the top of this website and look for VANAW LANGUAGE AND CULTURE in the dropdown menu.
  • All errors are mine. Corrections are always welcome! 🙂 – SMS
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