Churchless in the Time of ‘Corona’ (CoViD19)

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For me, so-called “sacred days” are man-made creations — born out of a particular culture, and meant to serve a particular psychological or social purpose. Sanctity is not inherent to a particular day; it is merely a perspective arbitrarily imposed on a unit of time.

I do not regard any day as holy; I view each day as special. A day is not made special by mysticism — its mere occurrence makes it so. So then, to live another day is a privilege — a gift, as it were, from an impersonal cosmos. This short life is all I’ve got, and I must make the best out of it. When it’s my time to go, I’ll be gone forever, and I’m not coming back. I do not care for living forever, for the universe and eternity are already compressed into my body and my lifetime. I am grateful to have lived at all, and feel lucky to have lived this long. If I die, and the bad or good memories I leave behind will be resurrected by those who knew me, I can only hope that they will remember me not only as one whose life was fraught with human frailties, but also one whose life was well-lived.

Scott Magkachi Saboy