The Aguinaldo Centennial March

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(Melody and Lyrics by Augustus U. Saboy, 02.08.2007)

Background: AUS composed this song after successfully leading the clamor for the recognition by the National Historical Institute (NHI) of Lubuagan, Kalinga as the “3rd seat of the Philippine Republic.” It is remembered that on March 6, 1900, with the American forces hot on their trail, the retreating forces of President Emilio Aguinaldo reached Lubuagan, Kalinga where he encamped for 72 days. After its initial dilly-dallying and a follow up by Gus Saboy, the NHI finally gave its nod, which led to the official celebration of the historic event on 06 March 2000 in Lubuagan. This hymn was sung by the Lubuagan choir, just after the unveiling of the Centennial marker. – SMS

4/4 Majestically

Ensconced in the heart of the Northlands,

Guardian of Kalinga’s scenic Skylands

Is Lubuagan: the “Prince of the Highlands”

Home to loving, peaceful people of Kabunyan.

Here, one hundred years ago today,

President Aguinaldo on his two-month stay

Set the course of the country’s destiny,

As Asia’s first Republican Democracy.


So let us sing and shout today and tell the world,

That here, a hundred years ago was told;

Of Freedom’s torch held high aloft and aflame

And had cradled Asia’s first Democracy to fame.

Today as our sights the horizons scan,

Trail marks of our hero’s fight to Palanan;

And in Lubuagan, safe in Aguinaldo’s hands

The young Republic’s life and fate secured to stand.

And so we all pray this Centennital Day,

To our leaders and countrymen in this country

That Lubuagan be marked in our history,

“Third Seat” of the First’s Republic’s glorious story.

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