Vanaw Language and Culture

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This page group (to see the sub-pages, hover your cursor on the title of this page from tabs on the header of this website) contains academic and non-academic information on the Vanaw ethnolinguistic group in the municipality of Balbalan, western Kalinga Province, Cordillera Administrative Region, northern Philippines.

The Vanaw people’s vugis tribal territory) covers three barangays of the municipality of Balbalan — Pantikian, Talalang and Balbalasang — which are collectively referred to by locals as “Mother Banao” to distinguish it mainly from the Vanaw-populated areas in the jay-as (i.e., certain areas in the neighboring province of Abra), especially the municipalities of Daguioman and Malibcong. A number of Vanaw natives also reside in barangays Bulanao, Dilag and Masablang in Tabuk City.

Due to the inroads of Christianity and modernity, the Vanaw have lost much of their traditional culture although some aspects of their indigenous belief systems and practices still remain.

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