St. Paul’s Mission: “Diamond Jubilee Song”

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Background: Composed for the 75th anniversary of St. Paul’s Mission in Balbalasang, Kalinga. The Mission was established by the Episcopal/Anglican Church in the Philippines. Incidentally, the late Fr. Theodore U. Saboy, Augustus Ulat Saboy’s older brother, was the “first Kalinga Anglican priest.” – sms

Come! All you people from all lands,

With your spirits, hearts and hands:

Join in grateful, grand celebration.

“Diamond Jubilee” of St. Paul’s Mission.


So let us sing and shout the Jubilee!

Our Diamond Anniversary.

For this is St. Paul’s Mission Day!

Three score and fifteen years today!

A Macedonian Call echoed from here –

Balbalasang a heathen lair.

Heeded by a Gospel army –

Missionaries from the U.S.A.

Bearing the Cross of Christ they came,

Bishop Mosher leading them:

Father Wolcott, Father Sibley,

Others too with Deaconess Massey.

On the twenty-fifth of January,

Seventy-five years ago today

Balbalasang chose Episcopalian,

As their church – the one and only one.

And now there are no more pagans,

All are Christians and Anglicans:

Praise the Lord for all His mercies,

And for eternal life He promises.

Glory to God, all voices raise,

For the souls saved by His grace:

Through the fruits of evangelization,

And the Gospel work of St. Paul’s Mission.

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