Pu-un: Vanaw Genealogies

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Nankikinnamit ‘networked’ is a horticultural term often used by Vanaw native speakers when talking about relations, especially about how members of a current generation are connected to one another by affinity and consanguinity. The stem kamit refers to a plant’s tendrils.

The following sub-pages contain lists of pu-un ‘genealogy’ — manmanakom ‘ancestors’ and ganak ‘descendants’ — among several Vanaw clans, as well as other information and related events..

My sources for this series of genealogical mindmaps are the following:

  • Portia Saboy-Banganan
  • Paul Saboy Dao-ayan
  • Romy Tangbawan
  • Rhoda Tangbawan
  • Cyril Saboy & Analiza Limbawan-Saboy
  • Mollie Quibayen Rodriquez

Romy Tangbawan scoured church records and either validated or supplemented the data with fellow iVanaws like manong Paul Dao-ayan, ikit Tunnay, ikit Aggaw of Ivong, Joy Sandhu who now resides in Canada, and Edward Tumbaga of Daguioman, among others. Meanwhile, Rhoda Tangbawan’s sources include Franklin Dumaligan in Baguio City.

Corrections and additional information are always welcome!

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