Ongya-on and Gayoma Clan

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The following data came from Romulo Tangbawan. In his 11 February 2020 notes sent via Facebook Messenger, he says:

Inaudyan, here’s what I’ve compiled about the Ungyaon-Gayoma Clan, of which the mother of your grandpa Saboy belong. Syanat jin nankakaponan yusjan Salimbays (Hillary Salimbay, et al.), Wasays, Agyaos, Kibayens of Daguioman, Gamongans of Ivong, etc.

“I’ve done this with the help of uncle Paul, aunty Tunnay [Priscilla Baguiwong Taclawan], aunty Aggao of Ivong [Eufrocina Gamongan Paganao], Joy Sandhu (Canada) and Edward Tumbaga of Daguioman, plus Church records, from where I got names that living clan members could not remember.

[I’ve taken the liberty of tweaking some of the native names to conform to our orthography – smsaboy]

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